Cadre – as defined, is a nucleus of trained personnel capable of expansion

At SOT-G we employ highly skilled and trained professionals to work with you. As each of our programs are tailored to your needs, we tailor our Cadre to you. Each team member has their own unique skill and technique, and each one is a trusted resource for SOT-G and its clientele. You can be sure that we will choose the best Cadre to fit the needs of your group.

Although each of our instructor’s are unique on their individual level, all of our Cadre will teach you the following core objectives:

How To…

Maximize performance to increase your productivity and expectations and enhance efficiency in all aspects of training

Guide, Direct and Cultivate your ability to make sound decisions under pressure and lead in any environment

Adapt and Understand with resilience and flexibility the non-stop stress that each individual on your team is under

Challenge the depths of your mental fortitude and physical ability

Create and Develop greater tools by teaching and encouraging you to replace non-effective habits or pre-existing beliefs that will compromise your success

Discover how to tap into a deep reservoir of energy and purpose; creating opportunities where they once did not exist

Strive to win, no matter what the situation…On Time, On Target, Every Time, Never Quit!

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