Rob Roy – Founder of SOT-G

rob shot

Chief Rob Roy is an award winning, 26 year veteran of the US Navy, 20 of which he was an active member of the SEAL teams. While in the SEALs, Rob served with SEAL Team Six, and ant-terrorism and maritime interdiction team that serves as one of the US Government’s key devices in the Global War On Terror (GWOT). Rob has toured with many operational units including the US Army Special Forces, the CIA and US Customs. He also served as a Leading Chief Petty Officer for the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Motivators.

As an accomplished military veteran, an actor (you may recognize him from “Deadliest Warrior”, “Rhino Wars”, “Ultimate Soldier” or as the voice of “Wardog” on PlayStation’s Navy SEAL: SOCOM games), a public speaker and writer (The Navy SEAL Art of War coming Spring 2015), Rob also uses his knowledge and experience to help transform the lives of men and women through training, seminars and speaking engagements across the nation. In 2005, Chief Roy founded SOT-G, with one mission…to provide effective and efficient solutions that enable clients to operate safely in challenging territories, as well as develop their leadership potential far beyond what they would have ever imagined. His clients continually employ him for his unique combination of real-life field skills and professional and cooperative partnership approach. He infuses his unique vision and perspective into every project he does.  . From the battlefield to the boardroom

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