Rob Roy is a skilled and professional motivator. He brings US Navy SEAL principles and discipline to everything he does! More importantly, Rob shows others how those values can be learned and applied to their lives. In my field of professional and amateur athletics, anyone who reads and lives by his principles will perform and execute their daily routine better each day.

Mark BloomquistPresident of DAYTOON International, Inc., and cofounder HBCU & Small College Pro Football Combine

Rob Roy was a compelling presence and a huge hit with the 20-somethings who attended my professional development event, bubble2boardroom. In our keynote “conversation” in which we shared our similar takes on professional competencies, Rob was masterful at relating the SEAL values of work ethic, character, resilience and mission focus to what’s required for career success. He’s not only smart, he’s wise, as he deftly embedded these lessons in his amazing stories of SEAL training and the leadership work he does with civilian executives. Working with him was a privilege and a pleasure and there’s no doubt he left a lasting impression.

Dani Ticktin Koplik
dtkResourcesProfessional Development for the 21st Century

Rob brings to life the incredible disciplines, the focus and the commitment AS A TEAM that the SEAL program provides…. Rob’s journey underscores the parallels to the challenges faced by businessmen and career professionals on a daily basis. Rob is a superb teacher.

Dolliver H. FrederickFrederick Capital Corporation

Rob Roy is the new Sun Tzu: a great read!

Geoffrey T. DesmoulinGTD Engineering
Television Host and Engineering Advisor for "Deadliest Warrior", Viacom Networks President and Senior Engineer

In 12 years as a member of YPO, Leadership under Fire is far and away the best YPO event I have ever participated in. It is a unique, only in YPO experience that is otherwise inaccessible to mere mortals. It is the opportunity to test yourself-mentally and physically- against the toughest training program and the baddest cats in the world

John S. BankYPO Chicago-Windy City

Rob Roy is a special individual with many skills and experiences in the Navy. All his 20 years of work within the US Army Special Forces, US Air Force Para- Rescue team and the Seals lend greatly to his new book, A NAVY SEAL’s ART OF WAR. It’s a privilege for us to be enlightened by an individual with such rich experiences.

Lance O'ConnorAero FilmManaging Partner

Rob Roy’s new book A NAVY SEAL’s ART OF WAR brings the incredible insights of how the Navy SEALs core values and guiding leadership principles can be applied to the business world to help executives think through tough business decisions and strategy.
I’ve applied Rob’s key SEAL principles for success to my business which taught me valuable lessons on how to improve my operations by being adaptable and agile, communicating effectively and achieving the desired business objectives by having a clearly stated mission and focus.

Yacov E. WrocherinskyInfinity Info SystemsPresident & CEO

Like US Navy Seals, business executives know they cannot fail those they lead — no matter the environment. I have seen Rob and his team help executives literally break through self-imposed limits and learn how to create opportunities where they once did not exist by tapping deep reservoirs of energy, purpose, focus and grit for conducting successful business missions.


Danya CaseyYPO-WPO International SeminarsProgram Director
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