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Hedge fund and finance gods are spending their weekends doing an intense Navy SEAL training program

It’s not enough making billions of dollars and being masters of the universe.

Today’s business leaders and hedge fund gods want to get even better, so many of them are now spending their weekends at a Navy SEAL training camp.

You’re probably envisioning a bunch of alpha Type A hedge funders being really intense in military gear on a deserted beach for a weekend. And you’re right! But that’s not all it’s about.


SOT-G: Combining SEALs and Entrepreneurship

In November last year, we did a feature on how business executives underwent SEAL-based training in Leadership Under Fire. The unique leadership training package is the brainchild of ex-Navy SEALs, among them Rob Roy. Roy formed Special Operation Training Group or SOT-G, a private security and military consulting firm in 2005.. – See more at:


Hostile Makeover

By Justin Petruccelli

The second you hit the black, frigid water in full combat gear, the raft that’s now speeding away starts to look like a luxury cruise ship. Mustering every bit of logic your cobweb-filled brain will provide, you astutely decide it must be the middle of the night. Not that it matters. Time means nothing right now compared to space–the space between you and the beach.

When you finally crawl ashore, your only reward is an impossible mission–a mission that takes a turn for the worse when the hostage you were sent in to rescue turns out to be two, the second of which has bloody stumps where his legs should be. Somewhere between the concussive thuds provided by the symphony of mortar shells going off above your head, you decide you really can’t wait to get back to running your software company in New York.


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