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Whether it’s assessing how your business is currently running or assisting in the future strategy of your business, SOT-G helps maximize performance and works with you to achieve your vision, mission and goals.

Our team members are certified in the Birkman Method, which appreciates the fact that people are not one-dimensional, rather they have multiple dimensions (outer behavior, inner expectations and preferences, inner motivations). This also means that Birkman appreciates and reports that people do not “show up” the same way every day or in every situation. The environment around a person affects the outward behavior they show.

“Organizations are driven not only by policies and procedures but also by the personalities of the people inside. Every organization has a diversity of personalities. Leveraging this diversity through understanding individual differences in behavior and motivation lays the foundation for higher performing people, teams and organizations.

To harness the diversity of personality, the assessments developed by Birkman are scientifically designed to measure personality and motivational differences. Our assessments represent an investment by the organization in the workforce and leadership to increase teamwork, engagement, and job satisfaction.” –

At SOT-G  we will remain by your side throughout the entire process to ensure our clients’ potential solution to both today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges.

Along with business consulting, SOT-G also provides consulting services for

– Film and TV
– Military and Law Enforcement
– VBSS Training
– Maritime Interdiction
– Realists Urban Training

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