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rob.roy ea presentation seminar

Rob Roy uses his unique combination of real-life field skills and professionalism to provide powerful presentations that will provide clear and concise guidance for personal growth. At SOT-G, during our presentations we strive for maximum participation and inclusiveness to ensure individual effort within a group environment. As with any of our programs, Keynote Speaking is fully tailored to meet your needs and can include up to three (3) of the following presentations:

Warrior’s Mindset

Commander’s Intent

Mission Planning

Mission Focus

The Foundation

What is Your Brand? 

Knowledge to Wisdom


Warrior Mindset
This presentation focuses on each of our mindsets and how we process information, do we look for things to happen or do we make them happen, i.e. it isn’t fate, luck, destiny, or a special pill that impact your accomplishments. It is mindset! The motivated, resilient, and courageous mind knows that nothing is easy, but it is willing to work through the difficult times for successful results. The mindset of a warrior understands the quality of life is directly related to Belief, Discipline, and Action. Your thoughts and actions will shape your life.

Managing Your Energies
This presentation focuses on quality as compared to quantity. Managing Energy teaches individuals to value their time and gives individuals and teams the fortitude to maintain a front site focus on the mission and what is most important.


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