Leadership Training

At SOT-G, what we do and how we do it are what makes our brand of leadership training unique. Our leadership programs are built on the leadership strategies and team building techniques of US Navy SEAL teams and Special Operations units where leadership and effective teamwork are more than just concepts…they are necessities. Our programs are designed with clear and concise objectives and an overarching lesson in peer-to-peer collaboration with an emphasis on contingency planning.

In, 2007 SOT-G created Leadership Under Fire, a leadership continuum for CEOs looking to challenge their leadership and management skills, by offering a unique approach to assess their leadership ability and willingness for personal growth.

Along with Leadership Under Fire, our Leadership Training includes the following programs:

Execute with Discipline
Leadership Under Fire Level II
Leadership Under Fire Redux
Mission Planning
Direct Action Challenge
The H.O.P.P.E.R. (Hone It and Own It)
Father/Daughter Program
SEAL/Pup Program (Father/Son)

Weathering the Storm
This presentation will cover communication, counterfactual thinking, flight or fight, defining success and Natural vs. Destructive behavior. Defining a successful triangle as capability, opportunity and intent.

Managing Your Energies
This presentation focuses on quality as compared to quantity. Managing Energy teaches individuals to value their time and gives individuals and teams the fortitude to maintain a front site focus on the mission and what is most important.

Fireside Chat
This is a small group experienced designed to take place in an intimate setting allowing the members of your team the opportunity to discuss missions, hear stories, ask tough question, and share their experiences. We will be focused on what happens in combat environments; how you must train to succeed and respond in the chaos of combat, controlling the instinct to act, not react, how you over come the what ifs and what now situations. Each member of our staff share the same 5 leadership qualities: Physical Courage, Moral Courage, Humility, Creativity and Team Ability. The focus of Fireside Chat will be on Leadership, Teamwork, Humility, Communication and mission focus.


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