Special Events & Training

At SOT-G, although we enjoy what we do, occasionally we like to play as well. We offer many custom packages for that “weekend warrior.” Packages can include one or a combination of any of the following:

Weapons Training (live) – Service provided by PISG
Weapons Training (simulated) – Service provided by PISG
Hand to Hand Combat
Evasive Drive Training
Mission Planning
Physical Fitness
Personal Security
Direct Action Challenges

Shoot, Move Communicate
Upon arrival fire teams will be whisked away to the staging area for a briefing. Upon completion of the briefing, teams will be escorted to an aircraft. Each team will be flown to a drop zone near the fire range, each member will tandem into the training area. Once on the ground, teams will be driven to the range (5-8 minute drive) to begin training with our special operations team. They will handle and fire a full variety of weapons and optics: shoot; move; communicate. At the end of the day teams will be driven back to the hotel for the fireside chat.

Shock and Awe
A day of Close Quarters Combat, the principles (physical activities) of the Shock will be externalizing (meaning no contact with the team), yet the learning objectives will be internalizing. We believe this is the most effective way for each team member to experience and learn from this type of training. This event will be intensely satisfying both physically and mentally. As well as answer the question “how will I act or react, will I do nothing at all?” This event will challenge each member of the team and the experience will reverberate long after the event. We believe that no matter what their collective experience may be, every individual will gain the knowledge to change every fiber of their being during the time spent during this event.

Evasive Driving
This course will focus on each of your abilities as a driver to make effective decisions prior to, during and after an ambush in a mobile setting. Our training course will address this type of threat and employ comprehensive hands-on training. It will be more than just learning how to steer between cones, we will create a realistic environment that will repeatedly force the driver to be aware of the situation and to assess and reassess constantly for impending attacks and how to counter them.

Weapons training (small arms)
The foundation of this training is grounded in combat, where the threat level is elevated and conditions are not ideal. However, the responsibility is still the same. Your life as well as the lives of others may depend on your ability to properly use your firearm. However, in real-life circumstances, access to your handgun or rifle may be hindered. This is something that needs to be modified, you should never compromise your safety or protection, or that of your families by keeping your weapon in the nightstand drawer or glove box of your car unloaded. We will teach you how to be effective and efficient with your weapon, this starts with establishing the fundamental skills needed to safely employ your weapon for personal security. This service provided by PISG (Phoenix International Security Group, Inc.)

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